FieldEdge Vs ServiceTitan

FieldEdge and ServiceTitan are two of the many options available for field service management software.

These software solutions can help you manage, automate, and streamline your home service businesses.

What differentiates the two platforms? In this article, we will discuss the major differences between the two, along with the pros and cons of each.

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FieldEdge Software Review

FieldEdge is a cloud-based field services management system for home service professionals working in the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing industries.

This type of software has a huge market share in the field services enterprise, with many companies worldwide using it to track their operations.

The FieldEdge platform can be used to manage day-to-day processes, including scheduling customer appointments and dispatching technicians.

FieldEdge Software Features

Scheduling & Dispatching

You can create dispatching schedules for each technician using customizable templates and send them out via email or SMS.

Customers can schedule appointments online with your company’s technicians, who can accept or decline using their smartphones.

A calendar feature shows technicians’ availability at a glance, so customers can easily schedule services when it’s most convenient.

Invoicing & Collections

The platform helps you track outstanding invoices against customers’ accounts, send reminders when payment is due, track payments received on an invoice by date/time stamp or amount, print reports on any invoice status (paid or unpaid), and generate reports on specific customer accounts.

Customer Relationship Management

With the FieldEdge software, you can create and manage customer accounts, send quotes and estimates, and request payments from clients.

You can also assign tasks to employees, update customer records with photos of completed work, and use barcode readers to scan ID badges or RFID tags attached to tools and parts (optional feature).


FieldEdge costs about $100 a month per office employee and $125 per field technician, including support and a free license for the mobile app.

Pros Of FieldEdge Software

  • FieldEdge seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, which can save you immense time
  • It has robust invoicing capabilities that allow you to create estimates and easily convert them into work orders
  • You can send invoices via text message and automatically track progress from quotes to payments
  • Real-time reporting allows you to always have an up-to-date view of your company’s financial performance

Cons Of FieldEdge Software

  • Customers complain about the difficulty of customizing schedules for their business
  • Some reviews report that there is a lack of support from the Fieldedge team
  • Users say that the analytics offered are somewhat limited

You can read a more detailed FieldEdge review here.

ServiceTitan Review

ServiceTitan is a software solution developed for service professionals in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical fields.

It can help you to manage your customer support efforts and optimize business processes.

ServiceTitan was built from the ground up with modern web technologies that are scalable, secure, and reliable.

ServiceTitan Software Features

Service Scheduling

With this software, you can contact customers via email or text message requesting a convenient time for an appointment. When the customer responds with their preferred time, it will automatically add them to the schedule for that day.

Service Call Management

The software can help you manage all your service calls from one central location. You can also create tickets, add notes, take photos with the built-in camera, upload photos from your smartphone and send texts directly from within the app.

Work Order Management

This feature allows you to create work orders for different projects and assign them to your technicians accordingly. The work orders have several tabs, including the task list tab, where you can add tasks/steps related to each project.

There’s also a task progress tab where you can check how much progress has been made by each technician.

Inventory Management

With the inventory management feature, you can track what parts and equipment you have on hand. This will help avoid running out or ordering too much again.

You can also link inventory items directly to specific customer accounts so that they don’t see prices when they request services through the website (which helps keep costs down).

Salesforce Integration

This platform helps you to connect your Salesforce account to automatically sync sales and contact information with ServiceTitan. This enables you to export quotes, invoices, and payments directly from your CRM system into ServiceTitan.


ServiceTitan pricing ranges between $125 and $389/month per user.

Pros Of ServiceTitan Software

  • With ServiceTitan, quotes and invoices can be sent directly to the customer via email or text, so they can pay before leaving your office
  • You can use the two-way integration with QuickBooks Online in ServiceTitan to save time on your bookkeeping
  • The customizable dashboard provides up-to-date information on a number of key processes such as appointment scheduling and sales to employee performance
  • The Company Scheduling feature allows employees to view the schedule for their entire company in real-time

Cons Of ServiceTitan Software

  • Order and dispatch management is complex and doesn’t offer flexibility for managing different types of services
  • Reporting capabilities are limited
  • The usability of the software could be improved compared to others in the industry

You can read a more detailed ServiceTitan review here.

ServiceTitan Vs. FieldEdge Key Differences

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your existing field service software, the major deciding factors to consider between FieldEdge and ServiceTitan include the following:


ServiceTitan is a much more expensive option compared to FieldEdge. While both platforms offer a free trial period, once you sign up, the monthly subscription fee will vary depending on your chosen plan.

Data Collection

While both platforms allow users to collect data over the phone or email during or after appointments, ServiceTitan also allows users to upload photos directly from their smartphones. This makes it easier for technicians to document issues they encounter on-site.


Both systems offer security measures that protect your data against unauthorized access or modification by third parties, but only ServiceTitan offers encryption technology as part of its security protocols.

Encryption helps protect important information by scrambling data into an unrecognizable format before sending it over the internet or storing it on local servers or hard drives.


When looking to install or update your HVAC/field management software, there are many key features to take into consideration.

It is paramount that your chosen platform meets all your operational requirements and streamlines your core procedures, enhancing the experience of your technicians and customers.

From this comparison, it is clear that ServiceTitan has more robust features and is more secure overall. However, Fieldedge is cheaper and offers more reliable accounting and invoicing capabilities.

That said, neither platform was designed specifically for the HVAC industry and both FieldEdge and ServiceTitan have clear cons for some HVAC business owners.

When on the lookout for a trusted and reliable tool, ensure to choose a platform that serves as a one-stop shop for your business. And remember to book a free demo to see the software in action.

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