How Nordstrom Heating & Air Streamlined Operations To Generate a 21% Increase In Revenue

Before 3C Connect:

  • No processes or consistency
  • Team didn’t know what to price
  • Team couldn’t easily sell tune-up or maintenance service agreements
  • Couldn’t track leads, customers or maintenance agreements

After 3C Connect:

  • Team has standard operating procedures
  • Full tracking of leads, work history, customers, tune-ups and maintenance customers
  • Experienced a 24% increase in calls and a 21% increase in revenue with the same techs

Who are you?

My name is Jason Nordstrom, I’m the owner of Nordstrom Heating & Air and we primarily cover North Snohomish County in Washington.

What were you using before 3C Connect and what were your frustrations with that solution?

I wasn’t using anything. We were pretty much time and materials for the most part. I had another business share with me their flat rate program. So it was kind of a hodgepodge of my stuff versus their stuff, and there was zero consistency on that.

Originally I started with 3C Connect with one of their previous products. There were just a lot of inconsistencies because we would make changes with the books, and then always have to update the books. And there was a lot of work involved with that. I also resisted investing in all the iPad, but as we grew we needed to get consistent, we made that switch about 5-6 years ago.

I guess you could also say my frustrations were not so much my frustrations as they were my employees’ frustrations. They didn’t have a consistent book, and didn’t always know what to price, they didn’t have an SOP for selling tune-up and maintenance agreements.

Everyone knows the importance of maintenance contract customers, and with 3C Connect, it’s easy for the technicians to offer those to those customers on a consistent basis.

Another problem was that I did zero tracking of anything before. 3C Connect enables us to track leads, track maintenance agreements sold, maintenance customers, service technicians and a whole lot more — we’re not even fully utilizing their program at this point.

Why did you choose to set up 3C Connect?

Honestly, it was more relationship based and my familiarity with Shannan. I’ve known him from his Gensco days. So there was already a little bit of a trust factor and knowing that he was local.

That’s a big deal for me. I do 90% of my business locally and I prefer face-to-face meetings and having people that I can call. I don’t have to call 1-800 numbers.

They made a real effort to win my business and put the effort forward, so that showed me that they wanted it and it showed me that I was important to them.

And even now, after 6 years, I can call or text Shannan any time and he’ll respond.

To me, that’s priceless. I’m not a price shopper. I’m a value shopper and sometimes, the best value doesn’t mean the cheapest price.

What do you like most about 3C Connect?

Right now, with inflation. The ability to login to the 3C Connect application and raise my prices across board with a few clicks is great.

That feature alone has been utilized several times over the last six months and saved me hours, if not days of my time.

How has 3C Connect transformed your business?

It gave us consistency and standard operating procedures. Everybody has the same book, they’re all looking at the same information.

So when you go to a customer’s house, it’s not like, “Well, my neighbor paid this much and you’re charging me this much.”

Everybody’s on the same page.

It’s made dispatching smoother, and tracking the history of each call out has been valuable.

Addresses don’t change, homeowners change. So even when a house sells three times, we’ll go out to all three homeowners and we have a full history for that house.

Now, my techs don’t have to call the office, wait for anybody to read it, look for it or try to track. They have pictures and a full history right there on their tablet.

How has 3C Connect impacted your revenue and or profit?

I don’t have hard numbers, and Shannon will tell you that’s my weakness. But, anytime you’re more efficient, your revenue is going to go up. You’re able to do more with the same resources.

We checked for Jason and even though he’s not using the full capabilities of 3C Connect, he has experienced a 24% increase in calls and a 21% increase in revenue with the same amount of techs.

What would you tell someone who’s considering 3C Connect?

It depends on their business and their philosophies but all I can speak for is what it’s done for us. It’s definitely streamlined things, it’s definitely made things more profitable for us.

There is obviously a learning curve at the beginning but I don’t have a single regret about going with 3C Connect. Being able to track tune-ups, maintenance contracts, and all of the other things that are important has been great.

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There is not a better, reasonably priced software product available with a more qualified customer service department.

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3C Connect can easily make what might be an office staff of 6+ manageable for 3 staff members..I will no longer work for companies that do not use 3C Connect.

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The program has taken our business to the next level

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The product and support have been fantastic.

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A must for any HVAC Contractor

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My favorite thing about this product is how easy it is to train my staff how to use it.

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