Debrief System

Save hours in administration with our work order debrief system.

What People Like About 3C Connect


West Sound Comfort System

3C Connect can easily make what might be an office staff of 6+ manageable for 3 staff members..I will no longer work for companies that do not use 3C Connect.

Sharissa M

Office Manager

My favorite thing about this product is how easy it is to train my staff how to use it.

Jane S

Owner / Office Manager

3C Connect makes running our HVAC business easier!

Is 3C Connect Right For Me?

The set up process and training can all be done within a few weeks depending on the contractor schedule.
No, just a 30 day notice to cancel the program.
Support and Training is included in the price discussed during the start up.
The website can be accessed by your phone to view your schedule, but the field app is designed to be interactive with the consumers. So no, the phone cannot be used in the field to price jobs but can access the schedule.
Every customer is priced according to users and the different features they want to access.

All Features

Scheduling & Dispatch
The scheduling dashboard saves you time by allowing you to easily locate technicians out in the field, track their progress and adjust their workload in real time.
Inventory Replenishment
Save thousands every year on callbacks and hours wasted with automated parts replenishment to streamline your inventory management process.
Payment Processing
Never chase a payment again with our automated payment processing, allowing you to collect payments in the field or online.
Technical Training & Troubleshooting
Accelerate the learning curve for new technicians and give your veterans quick access to refresher training and reminders with our proprietary library of training videos.
QuickBooks Integration

Save hours in admin and accounting time with our “line item” synchronization for a complete and detailed history of your transactions.

Mobile App
Keep your technicians in sync with the office to deliver a 5 star customer experience and increase revenue by 60% or more.
SMS Reminders
Save hours in phone calls and callbacks with instant and automatic appointment reminders.
Field Inspection Sheets
Our fully customizable inspection sheets allow you to store a complete history for every appointment and implement quality control checklists to give your customers a complete, consistent service at every appointment.
Debrief System
Save hours in administration with our work order debrief system to close appointments accurately and generate real time reports.
Run up to 100 fully customizable reports to get insights and make data driven decisions to boost profitability and operational efficiency.
Agreement Management
Your agreements are fully automated, freeing up office staff to focus on other tasks and giving technicians the insights to sell more agreements.
Flat Rate Service Price Book
A fully customizable price book allows you to stay on top of price increases and adjust flat rate pricing in seconds to maintain profits across your service and maintenance departments.
CRM & Task Manager
Increase customer retention and revenue by over 60% with detailed customer tracking and task management, allowing you to create opportunities to grow your business quickly.
Sales Proposals & Job Pricing
Save hours every month with pricing templates and take advantage of the financing options to make selling easier and grow revenue faster.
Cost Recovery Plus
Get all of the benefits of 3C Connect for free by adding a small amount to each line item per day and passing the costs on to your customers.
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