Tips for Hiring Great HVAC Technicians

The success of your HVAC business depends on the knowledge, talent, and courtesy of your technicians. It’s also helpful if you can hire talent that decides to stick around. Follow these tips to help you attract, hire, and retain better talent for your HVAC company.

Be Specific in Your Job Listing

If you’re hiring someone for a specialty position, state that fact clearly in the posting. Don’t hesitate to include other qualities you’re looking for as well, such as excellent customer service skills or marketing experience.

Remember, while it would be ideal to attract employees that are good at everything, such hires are few and far between. You’ll find it much more feasible to focus on finding qualities that your current team lacks.

Be Selective About Where You Post Openings

As a choosy business owner, you don’t simply need more people for your team—you need the right people. For this reason, you should aim not to reach as many candidates as possible but to get in front of qualified talent.

To do this, stick with posting job listings on recruiting and social media sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn. Career-minded individuals look here. Posting on Craigslist, on the other hand, could have more hit-or-miss results.

Don’t Overcomplicate the Application Process 

While this advice may seem to contradict the idea of narrowing the hiring pool, you know that unimpressive applications will come in no matter how specific you make your listing or where you post it. What you don’t want is to turn off qualified candidates who may decide to take their talent to a different company that doesn’t require them to jump through so many hoops.

The key to a simple process is an accessible website and the ability to submit applications in multiple ways without registering for an account. If you need to learn more about a candidate before making your decision, bring it up at the interview.

Hire Through Word-of-Mouth

Before you create a public post, consider announcing the job opening to the people you know. It’s possible that one of your technicians has a friend or family member with the skills your company needs, simplifying the hiring process and incorporating trust before you even meet the candidate.

Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

Research what other HVAC companies in the area pay their technicians and offer similar compensation. To help you stand out from the crowd, provide unique benefits and bonus packages, a fair pay structure, and opportunities for promotions and raises. For the greatest impact, make these qualities of your company clearly visible in your job posting.

Be a Company that Everyone Wants to Work For

Apart from quantifiable pay and benefits, make sure your company is a fun place to work. If your employees aren’t happy, they won’t stay, and that’s a shame if you come to rely on your technicians like family.

If you reward your technicians, make them feel valued, and keep them motivated to succeed, everyone wins. Include any steps you take to promote employee satisfaction in your job listing so candidates know what they have to look forward to.

Set Up Your Team for Success with the Right Tools

Once you’ve got an exceptional crew working for you, make their lives easier with HVAC software. Your technicians will love the real-time scheduling, automatic parts replenishment program, access to technical training videos and troubleshooting tips, and a classy tablet for accepting credit card payments from customers.

Of course, HVAC software makes your life as a business owner easier as well. Manage your customer relationships, improve communication between dispatchers and technicians, and track company performance in key areas to keep your business moving forward at all times.

3C Connect does all this and much more! Best of all, our field management software comes with a Cost Recovery Plus feature built right in. This absorbs the setup and ongoing membership costs of using 3C Connect into your pricing system by increasing the price of every job by a few dollars. The result is a zero-cost solution that streamlines your business and decreases your overhead.

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