5 Ways to Improve Your HVAC Company’s Website

Your company’s website is the first impression you’ll make with potential clients. In order to convert visitors into HVAC customers, your site needs to stand out from the rest. Putting your best foot forward is simple.

Follow these five tips to improve your site and seamlessly connect to future clients.

1. Clean & Simple

Your site’s design will impact the consumer journey before they even get a chance to read your content. In fact, the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab found that 75 percent of users judge a company’s credibility on web design alone.

Take time to ensure your design is simple and easy-to-navigate. User experience director and startup advisor, Davide Casali, says the perfect landing page contains the following:

  • Branding: Ideally, this would be your brand logo.
  • Description: Is your company title visible and easily explained on the landing page?
  • Call to Action: This can be a prominent “contact” button or a “call now” banner with your phone number.
  • Visualization: Boost your aesthetic with professional photos, videos, and other media.
  • Navigation: Give your users access to the most important information with a direct menu bar.

Make sure your relationship with future customers starts off in the right direction by creating an easy-to-use site for visitors.

2. Mobile Is a Must

It’s no longer enough to have a beautiful desktop design for your website. Three out of four smartphone users depend on mobile searches to find local services. Test your website’s mobile-friendliness by visiting it on your phone. If you’re having trouble navigating, chances are your users are, too. Fix it while the year’s still young so your HVAC website can soar to new heights.

3. Cover the Basics 

If you’re in the 70 percent of small business owners who haven’t listed an email address on your website, it’s high time you consider adding one. Making sure your telephone number and physical location are accurately listed will go a long way in gaining consumer confidence. Be sure your HVAC company’s services are clearly communicated on all of your pages.

4. Be an Authority

Build your blog presence by posting regular articles about the industry to become the unquestioned authority about all things HVAC. With every blog, make sure you’re directing the reader back to the consumer journey with a call to action asking them to check out your services or make an appointment.

5. Tried & True

Testimonials are a great way to communicate results to potential clients. If you don’t have testimonials as part of your site, consider reaching out to past clients to film a short video or give written feedback for you to post to your site. Real, honest reviews have a powerful effect on persuading consumers into taking the plunge. Plus, it gives you a chance to show off your skills and specialty services not offered by competitors.

Winning Website & Top Tech

After creating the perfect website, it’s time to enhance your experience further with a seamless software solution. When you pair your winning website with the powerful technology 3C Connect provides, you’ll give customers a unique experience throughout their journey. 3C Connect scheduling software makes on-the-fly schedule changes and dispatching easier than ever, and the parts supply software allows you to keep an eye on inventory before it’s too late.

With these five tips for an improved HVAC website and the power of 3C Connect at your side, your year is set for success. Contact us today to get a free demo find out how we can help provide your company with our HVAC-focused software solutions.

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